Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9PM Update

We're on I-65...mile marker 90. Val & I already got into the Slim Jims & Diet Mountain Dew.

I plugged my iPod into the USB jack & seem to have mucked things so that the radio is kind of frozen on a screen that says, "BT AUDIO: SetuP
No BT Audio Players selected.


Val is currently swearing vehemently at a particularly large & disgusting bug splat right in her line of sight. She's also making up words...

Mac finished his 1st worksheet & proclaimed it "interesting." I said that was good, as he was getting a new one tomorrow. He's texted me 4 times since we left to say he's going to bed now. Ha!

Bella is doing something behind me - I'm not sure what it is but she's quiet. Strike that. She started fretting - yes, *fretting* that "I just don't know what to do with my DS..." I suggested the floor, perhaps...quickly followed by another suggestion less anatomically feasible.

Bubba? He's watched Toy Story 1.5 times now, & hasn't moved (except to yawn) or spoken for about 20 minutes. I keep turning the volume down a little at a time, hoping he'll just give up & go to sleep.

GPS now says we'll arrive at 10:10AM...I wonder now if it changes with the time zones? Hmm...guess we'll find out! More later!
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