Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why read about someone else's vacation?

Yes, it's another "someone-that's-not-me-going-somewhere-I'm-not" blog...but this one is different. How's that? Well, for starters, this time it's the Tucker girls going on vacation. It's a fact that the more Tucker genes involved in a vacation, the greater the odds of unscheduled hilarity, unexpected shenanigans, and the occasional total mental breakdown. Who wouldn't want to hang around for THAT?!

We've been told that we're very funny...I agree that my sisters are two of the funniest people I'll probably ever meet. Modestly, (or not) I admit that I have my moments, but they're usually limited to narrating the kind of event that's only funny if it's happening to someone else...or if it happened to you and you've lived long enough to look back on it with greater perspective. Those are my shining, terrifying moments.

Anyway, us Tucker girls take our vacations very, VERY seriously. We've had this one in the works for about a year, and are becoming unbearably excited as it gets closer. We've put a lot of work into this ways that would confound a 'normal' vacationer. The 'normal' stuff (like rentals, hotel reservations, and the like) was taken care of in one night. The rest? Well...that's a work in progress, constantly evolving. Don't worry - we'll tell you ALL about it. Stay tuned!

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