Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily pages

Anyone with kids of a certain age knows what I'm talking about here...I'm sure you've all had this conversation:
You: How was school/day care/field trip/whatever today?
Kid: Fine.
You: Learn anything?
Kid: Sure.
You: Do anything cool?
Kid: Nah.
You: Do anything at all?
Kid: Eh.
Good talk. They could have had a spaceman with a rocket suit land in the middle of the room, and you'll find out about it second-hand...or maybe that's just my son? I wanted a way for the kids to be able to keep track of what we did on a daily basis that wasn't as lame as "write about what we did today." Not that the daily sheets aren't lame, but they're not AS lame. I hope. I tried to include fun stuff and educational stuff. Here's Bella's 1st page:

Mac's is a bit more befits his Tween attitude:
So I did one of those for each of them for every day of the trip. The header and footer on Mac's allows him to keep track of starting and ending mileage as well as SwaggHunt points. The final page has them tally up mileage for each day to find out exactly how far we went round trip. Gotta get something educational out of this. :) We'll let y'all know how this goes..

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