Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our little traveling companions

So remember when I posted the other day and said I couldn't tell you what all I'd been doing? That the results were a surprise? Well, Val and I decided this morning that it was far too hilarious to put off any longer, and we had to spill the beans. I submit two photos for your consideration first:
Picture 1:

Meet Little Bit, our niece. She and Teresa can't come with us this year, and we were really bummed about we decided to do something about it.

Picture 2:
Mine and Val's dad and step-mom, AKA Daddoo and Nannoo. They sent this pic to all three of us Tucker girls less than a month ago. Anyone that knows my father knows exactly how hilarious this picture is; flip-flops, guitar, shorts....and last but not least, "HOWDY"? It boggles the mind!

So, I won't go into the (demented) creative process that led to the outcome. Straight to the results!! We originally planned to take pictures throughout the vacation with our new companions, post them here, and wait for y'all to notice. I took some pics of our growing pile of "stuff to take" today and we immediately decided to spill the beans. Here they are:

So there ya go. That's what I was doing to prepare for our vacation. Is any of this arts & crafts stuff necessary for vacation? Pff, no way! But are we gonna have fun with it? Oh...yes, yes we will.

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  1. There are just not words....this is HILARIOUS! I love it! I love even more that Charlotte's picture looks big enough so she could terrorize and/or devour Dad and Phyllis if they got annoying enough.