Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I told you about Bigfoot...

...we also have a slight obsession with Mario Kart. Well, maybe "slight" isn't the correct word. Maybe we could just say "obsession with Mario Kart." Yeah, that's a little more accurate. Val, Teresa, and I all have a Wii, and we all have Mario Kart. We all got Mario Kart at different times, so it wasn't a coordinated effort like Animal Crossing was. We've had the game for quite a while, but the obsession started pretty recently. We started playing each other via wireless, and it. Is. AWESOME!! We have a blast. And we do it a lot. Mario Kart has worked its way into our vocabulary and other parts of daily life. So anyway, in future posts you will encounter Bigfoot and you'll encounter Mario Kart. Just be warned.

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