Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mario Kart, revisited

So I posted about Mario Kart. Nintendo has official names for all the characters and such on Mario Kart. We know this. However, when you're in first place racing your sisters, a few in-laws or your nieces and nephews and the third "POW" hits you right after a blue shell pulverized you, you don't really give a crap. Between the bunch of us, we've come up with our own names...some of which are less than polite. The bane of our collective Mario Kart existence? Zappy Touch. I don't know what it's actual name is - and don't care, really, because "Zappy Touch" sums it up perfectly. Don't play MK? This is an item you can get that will temporarily increase your speed, and then suddenly shrink you and make you lose all your other items. The only GOOD thing (of course, this depends on whether you HAVE the Zappy Touch or whether you're RUNNING from the Zappy Touch) about Zappy Touch is that before you're zapped, you can bump another racer and pass it off to them. :) We have come up with VERY creative ways to avoid Zappy Touch. I made a Zappy Touch to take on the trip. Here he is:
Isn't he beautiful? He's two-sided, as well. He's almost too cute to use in the SwaggHunt, so there is a possibility that he'll be hung from the rear view mirror and used to Zappy Touch idiot drivers around us. We'll make new ones. He'll almost surely be featured in many pics from the trip, so you'll see this guy again.

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