Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our shopping booty - er, BOUNTY!

After Sam's Club we hit up the Dollar Tree and then Wal Mart. Pictured here you see:

From Sam's:
-Mini bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos
-Cheddar cheese Combos
-Animal crackers
-Assorted (Whole Grain!) Crackers
-Easy Mac

From Dollar Tree:
-Assorted glow-in-the-dark stuff for ALL the kids we'll hang with on the 4th of July
-Plastic bowls for our kids for on the road
-Val's Lemon Heads

From Wal Mart:
-Masking tape (see the SwaggHunt)
-Crazy glue
-Assorted individual drink mixers
-2 gallon drink cooler
-individual ranch dressing cups
-Cocoa Puffs
-Golden Grahams
(The last 3 are for S'mores snacks)

Not pictured (as they were put away):
-baby carrots
-jersey sheets (for the air mattress)

We had a spectacular time. I was concerned that Dollar Tree was going to ask us to the time we finished shopping we were all punchy & there was quite a bit of booty shakin' in the aisles.

Much of what we purchased today is road snacks for 2 adults, 2 kids, & a toddler. We're assuming this should last us there & back, unless we get really, really lost.

The Spaghettios & Easy Mac are so we don't immediately deplete our gracious hosts' locusts. A plague of Tucker girls and their spawn!

Rather than bringing sodas or juice boxes we're gonna bring refillable water bottles, a 2 gallon water jug, & drink mix.

We're getting the craft stuff together, too, & I just realized that I need to start packing soon. Doh! Better get off here & onto something productive.
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