Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's a Swaggon?

So Val and I...we watch TV. We don't watch excessive amounts of TV. We don't watch it in the same room...or even in the same house. We watch in our own homes, but we BlackBerry Messenger each other our thoughts. I can't even begin to tell you the hilarity that has ensued from our BBMing during TV time. The Swaggon is one funny result I can share in public.

The Swaggon came about shortly after we'd made our rental and hotel reservations. AAA listed minivans as "Toyota minivan, or something similar" and while we knew we probably wouldn't get the Sienna, the commercials for the Sienna family had just come out and thoroughly captured our imaginations. Have you seen the "Swaggerwagon" one? Go to YouTube and look for "Meet the Parents" on the Toyota Sienna channel. Val and I decided that "Swaggerwagon" was awesome, but who wants to type that all the time?! We shortened it to "Swaggon" and history was made.

We don't know what kind of minivan we'll be sporting on the drive up, but it doesn't matter. If we're in it, it's the Swaggon. The end.

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