Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Friday, June 25, 2010

We're getting so close!

Val and I are putting the final touches to the scavenger hunt. Ending it is harder than I thought it would be...we've been working on it and adding to it for many weeks now - how do you know when it's finished? Anyway...we're going to cut ourselves off, format the pages, and then post all or parts for your enjoyment.

I'm keeping it a secret from Mac - he's at that age where he can talk himself into our out of something given enough time, so I hope that surprising him with it will make it acceptable, and also keep him occupied. This is gonna be a long-ass trip. Val has shared bits with Bella, who is SUPREMELY excited about the whole thing.

I spent all day Wednesday working on stuff for the trip. We have a list on Google Docs that is actually titled "THINGS WE NEED TO DO BEFORE WE LEAVE" (caps and all) and when I started it there were about 6 items. As I did things for the trip that weren't orignally on the list, I added them so I could strike them off. I feel zero guilt for this. It was for the trip! Some of the things I did can't be mentioned here yet as they are a surprise...and oh, what a surprise they will be!! I can tell you about finishing all the maps (the older kids have copies of the AAA turn-by-turn directions & maps) and both the kids' daily sheets. The rest? I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

The maps and daily sheets will be given out the day they are to be used, and will go in the kids' Trapper Keepers (henceforth called "TK" because who wants to type that every time?!). Did I mention the TKs? I don't remember. If not, someone comment and I'll clarify. Anyway, the kids' TKs currently have a copy of the Swaggon Constitution, the Houseguests' Bill of Responsibilities, the 1st set of maps (P'cola to VA) and their first daily sheets, tailor-made for each of them. I'll post parts of the kids' daily sheets later, as well.

Val and I also have a binder, in which resides OUR copies of the maps, confirmation & reservation info, and other important things:
It's very official. :) We also have all the kids' future maps and daily sheets, and let me just say, that mofo weighs a TON. As the trip progresses our binder will get thinner as their TKs get thicker, so it works for me.


  1. I love that you call them trapper keepers. Old school. Rock it.

  2. They really ARE Trapper Keepers!!