Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catchin some Z's

We adventurers are having some down time this afternoon. Some, like Bubba, are catching up on some much-needed sleep. Others have been kept awake or forced awake by giggling little girls, so we are doing more productive things, like lying around and blogging.

We went to another art show this morning, and it was hot as blazes, of course. The horrible heat is supposed to let up tomorrow, when we are on our way south. Sigh.

After returning home and frying up some loompia, we have lounged and packed and hung out. This evening we will be dropping all the kids off at my Aunt's house and perusing the downtown art show some more, followed by a grown-ups only dinner. Squee!

Then once we get home, we're going to load the van and get some shut-eye before waking up early the next day to head off down the highway for North Carolina and the Smoky Mountains National Park. Whew.

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