Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Words of wisdumb part ? (We can't keep track)

For some reason, all 5 of us weary travelers have ended up sleeping in the same room tonight. There has been much giggling, then shushing, then giggling. From the adults and the children.

From Mac: "if you scratch my mom's back she purrs like a walrus" (followed by his estimates of what walrus purring sounds like)

Also, this conversation took place as Bella was looking out the second floor window onto the roof:

Me: you thinking about sleeping outside on the roof?

Bella: no!

Mac: What if the roof is on fire?

Me: We don't need no water...

Jen: Let the #+*! burn!

Awesome. Much giggles. All around. Everyone is incredibly excited about going to Hershey Park tomorrow, so I think that's a contributing factor, but we're also just incredibly odd, silly people.

Yay amusement park! Off to try and get some sleep!

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1 comment:

  1. You know he got the walrus thing from Family Guy - I know you are disgusted now - lol.