Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sleep: FAIL

Last night Bella bailed on Mary's twins & wanted to sleep with us. We've been sleeping in a room with a queen-sized futon & a cot. Val & Bubba had the cot, & Mac & I took the futon. Bella definitely messed up the equation & musical beds commenced.

The permutations:
1: Mac & I on the futon, Val, Bella, & Bubba on the cot

2: Val joined us on the futon (her head at my feet so I wouldn't have to breathe her air).

3: Bubba woke up & joined the 3 of us on the futon.

4: Mac abandoned the futon for the cot, where he proceeded to complain about Bella hogging all the room.

5: Val takes Bubba back to the cot so Mac will STFU.

6: I got up to pee & came back to find Val laying perpendicular to Mac at the foot of the bed. Bed Tetris?

7. Val kicked Bella off the cot onto the floor - which was FUNNY - & slept with Bubba.

That's how we ended up this morning. That all took many, many hours, tho, so I'm a little worried about today. We'll see, I guess. I need to shower.
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