Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


The dissenters are out in force this morning. Bella is unhappy with her socks, and has allowed her socks to completely ruin her morning. Everything, *everything*, is terrible, all because of her socks.

Bubba is unhappy with everything. Eventually he had to be removed from the hotel room and brought to the swaggon, put into his car seat, bribed with dry cereal and a boom-boom (sippy cup of mik), and Toy Story had to be turned on for him. He is now perfectly satisfied.

Cam is, as usual, unamused by his mother and I and our shenanigans. But that's ok; Jen is used to it, and I am getting used to it. He can be harsh, though, in all his tweenaged- disdain. But we have managed to catch him off gaurd a few times and made him lol.

Funniest line, currently: "I KNOW!", from the Staples commercial with the 'wow that's a low price' gag. Someone will make a comment or remark, and if it's been long enough since someone else has said it, you can get a laugh by replying "I KNOW!".

We are riding down country roads on our way to Gettysburg. It is *so* beautiful up here.

And so I leave you with this image, of a finally happy Bubba, chillin. May he stay this calm and happy for the rest of the day...

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  1. Oh I wish we could drive out there and meet you! Have fun and enjoy PA - except the roads. We all know PA has the worst maintained roads. You just have to kind of suck it up and enjoy the other scenery! :)