Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last day

The pic above was taken in Mary's backyard. I thought it was very lovely & figured I'd post it here as I don't have a "last day" pic to share.

Today is our last full day in PA. We leave at "oh my god" early tomorrow the planning stages we settled on 4AM as a good time. I don't remember smoking crack while planning, so I'm sure there's a perfectly legit reason we chose that time. I just can't remember it right now.

We're washing the last of our dirty clothes & packing up so we won't have anything to do this evening or in the morning. We hope. I have souvenir cups from every place we've been...and a "Bucket O' Fries" bucket. Goodbye, precious suitcase space!

I also wanted to plug my cousin-in-law's earring company. Visit online at Val's getting a few pair while we're here, & I'm thinking about a couple myself. Everything's recycled & reused, and gorgeous to boot!
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