Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Leaving VA

We just finished lunch with Joe, Chel, & Mei, we gassed up the Swaggon, and are heading out of Virginia Beach.

The aquarium was awesome! Bubba was cranky, but that was expected. I taught Bella how to take pictures zoomed in, and she's as bad as me now; stopping to take pics & falling behind.

Cam was holding the door open for people as we were entering from the nature trail & a tall, older gentleman with a seriously booming voice goes, "See? Chivalry isn't dead! Thank you very much, young man!" Cam looked at me & I smiled one of those "I *told* you" smiles that Moms seem to master. Mr. Booming voice walked up to me & asks, "Are you his mother?" I nodded (couldn't get a word in edgewise) & he goes, "You're doing a wonderful job with him!" Well, thanks random stranger. I appreciate your admiration.

I just rigged up parts of my Kindle charger & camera USB cable to charge Val's phone. Road trip McGuyver...that's me!

I hit my head on the tailgate before we left. Fail! It hurts even more because Brian commented before we left that Val & I are gonna come home with stitches because of the tailgate...and I laughed. :(

We're on I-64, going a whopping estimation, of course, as the Swaggon's speedometer doesn't read speeds that low. Yay for city driving! The good news is that all 3 kids are asleep. Peace & quiet!!

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