Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Friday, July 2, 2010

We're (almost) there!

We are in Pennsylvania (and not a second too soon) and within a half hour of our motel for the evening.

On a random note, Jen and I are amused by the fact that we have two smartphones (both blackberry, and hers is a more recent model) and a GPS unit that runs on satellite, and none of those things managed to change when we drove into the eastern time zone. Mac's phone changed, but that was it. The clock in the swaggon - which can tell us the average fuel economy, the number of miles until we run out of gas, how long we've been on the road (55 hours) and our average speed (49mph) but that didn't update automatically, either. Funny.

Thoughts from the kids:

Bubba has watched toy story so much he is able to anticipate what will happen and comment.

Bella is enjoying taking pictures, and Mac is enjoying being sullen about the flash from her camera. Its blinding him, you know. Its just tragic.

Oh, and in my earlier post, I spoke too soon about my meatloaf sammich. Bubba decided he was done, so he kicked over his iced tea and then threw a tantrum. Ugh. I did get to eat said meatloaf sammich, it just wasn't fresh and hot from the kitchen at the time. But at least I got to eat!

I'm sure Jen will check in later from the motel-I'm out for now!
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  1. Glad you've reached another milestone! Any cows in compromising positions yet lololol