Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank you

I've meant to post this since we left PA but kept getting sidetracked.
Thank you, Chel & Joe! They did so many amazing things for us, but the whole "let's take all the kids swimming so y'all can nap" stands out in my mind. Chel washed our clothes so we'd head to Gettysburg with all clean clothes. They also provided a place to spend the night, & a guided tour of the aquarium! I still think Mac's favorite part was the giant pizza.

THANK YOU, MARY & KEVIN! Thank you for letting us invade your home & lives, & for tolerating the miserable heat we seem to have brought with us. Thank you for feeding us (especially for introducing us to "walking tacos" nom!), for keeping us entertained, & for introducing our southern children to the concept of a basement. Thanks especially for use of your washer & dryer - I have half a load of dirty clothes to wash here at home rather than 4 full ones!

Many thanks to Aunt Fay, as well, tho I'm not sure she's reading this. We'll send a letter once we're unpacked. She fed us beautifully, let us use her house as home base frequently, & watched ALL of the kids so we could get out for some grown-up time. We can't stay upset about the B-bot incident for long!

There's more - much more - but I need to finish unpacking. I've unpacked the food box, our duffel bag (containing the only dirty clothes - everything else is clean!), & our toiletry bags. Now for the suitcase....gulp....
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  1. Nooooo!!! The trip can't be over! This has been some stuff. Just dont take down the scavenger hunt stuff. I'm totally stealing it for my trip. But I'm putting my two kids against each other. This should be fun.