Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wee hours

So I'm awake great surprise there. However my phone, which as Val mentioned earlier, didn't change with the time zone so it's telling me that I'm awake at 4:45 AM. Ew.

Something happened in the wee hours last night - I don't remember what - that woke up just Val & I. When we realized nothing was wrong I decided to get up to pee, as I really, really needed to go. As I was mentally preparing myself to get up - anyone with back pain knows what I mean - Val mutters, "It's like he *planned* this..."

I wasn't entirely sure she was still awake, so I asked quietly, "Like who planned what?" She sighed. Deeply. I got up & peered over at her bed, and having terrible night vision all I saw was heads & covers. Bella was also in the middle of the bed, with Bubba & Val squished into whatever was left.

I sort of woke up Bella & had her scoot over, then told Val she could move Bubba - I couldn't tell how he was lying there, so I thought I'd leave that up to her.

Again, she sighed deeply, & started to roll over, only to stop & say, "Is this his foot?!" Now remember, this is late, late at night, and we've been on the road. A lot. I wasn't entirely sure what she meant by her question. It seems relatively obvious, but I needed more context. I asked for clarification: "Huh?!"

She the holds up what is, indeed, a Bubba foot. The good part? It had been resting on her chest, and she was lying with her back to Bubba. He was lying sideways with 1 leg over Val's neck.

I lost it. I laughed until I cried, and Val finished dismantling her Bubba necklace without me and promptly went back to sleep. I was tickled, tho, & keep getting the giggles to the point that I woke Cam up. He glowered at me and then rolled over in a "hrmph" sort of way.

I eventually calmed down enough to go back to sleep, but damn.

So Val & I are up, showered, & dressed. We're gonna do as much packing as possible with the kids asleep, then get them up & outta PJs. More later!
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