Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bubba @ the rest stop

He's enjoying his 4th viewing of Toy Story. Val & Bella went to the potty & I relinquished the driver's seat. Little Bit looks bored. :) We're on I-95 around mile marker 152.

Bella just scored the 1st points of the SwaggHunt! She did a grammar one, & the said, "Mom, I saw someone picking their nose!" Val asked who...she goes, "Me!"

Mac got on the bandwagon shortly after. He took a pic of Daddoo & Ms. Phyllis, and as he was returning the camera he goes, "hey Mom!" I looked up at him & he had his finger up his nose.

Man, we're ALL exhausted, but we're hanging in here. If the kids can stop picking their noses thing's will be pretty good. We should be at Chel's in about 2 hours. More later!
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  1. Little Bit looks more entertained by it than Bubba. That would fit. My daughter does (sadly) love a TV screen.

  2. I was going to say she looks like she is going to drool on his head.